HandsOn NWNC strengthens our community by building the capacity of local nonprofits and increasing volunteerism. We make it easy for both nonprofits and volunteers to make a difference in our community.


The Goals of HandsOn Northwest North Carolina

  • Enable the nonprofit sector to be effective and efficient.
  • Build a culture of engagement for the greater good of the community.
  • Enable volunteers to connect with meaningful service opportunities.
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The Programs of HandsOn Northwest North Carolina

Civic Engagement and Community Volunteering

HandsOn works to increase the level of civic engagement in our community by primarily building a strong infrastructure around community volunteering. At the same time, we work to ensure transformational service opportunities for both volunteers and the organizations that engage volunteers. We do this by:

  • Operating HandsOn Connect that allows organizations to update current service opportunities and potential volunteers to find opportunities that match their time, interests, and talents.
  • Working to raise the visibility of volunteering and the power of volunteers to change communities. This new website is part of a comprehensive marketing and community education campaign. We'd love to come speak to your company, church or civic organization about our work!
  • Offering training classes and workshops that encourage the effective use of volunteers in helping organizations meet the challenge of their missions. We also work with a variety of partners to co-host workshops, or provide scholarships to conferences. We update information about upcoming offerings as soon as the details are finalized. Sign up for The Nonprofit Connection (see sidebar) to get these opportunities delivered directly to your inbox!

Nonprofit Capacity Building
HandsOn also works to create a strong nonprofit sector that enhances the quality of life in our community primarily by providing a variety of resources, training and other opportunities aimed at increasing individual nonprofits’ capacity to meet their mission more effectively. Examples include:

  • Sharing information about nonprofit training opportunities, as well as creating workshops through community partnerships with local nonprofits, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit consulting experts. We also facilitate mentoring and peer-to-peer learning through convening of local nonprofit leaders.  To make sure you're getting all of our updates, be sure to sign up for The NonProfit Connection, our montly e-newsletter. (See sign-up box on the left side of the page.)
  • Collaborating with local nonprofits and nonprofit networks to leverage and concentrate resources, advocate for the nonprofit sector, and build relationships with other sectors of the community for the benefit of nonprofits and those they serve. We work closely with the NC Center for Nonprofits in these efforts, as we build a seamless continuum of services to nonprofits.

For more information visit http://www.handsonnwnc.org/