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Flat Rock Middle School

The Apollo Project: A Twenty-First Century Mission The famous Apollo mission was a mission of discovery to uncharted destinations. Multiple journeys were required to gain insight into the world around us. Discovery in this sense means exploration, unearthing, and determination. These ideas will form the theme for Flat Rock Middle School’s “Apollo Project”. The National Middle School Association has identified several essential elements that characterize successful middle schools. These elements are embedded in the Flat Rock Middle School theme. The essential elements of The Apollo Project include the following: Academic Excellence: Standards-based curriculum and high academic expectations for all students An infrastructure that supports intervention and enrichment as well as multiple opportunities for learning Student support systems in place: failure is not an option Assessment for learning Community Appreciation & Responsibility: Community based partnerships and service opportunities that foster active partnerships with all types of community organizations School / Family connections that value strong parental support and involvement in the school program Creativity & Design: Inquiry based instruction, problem based learning, projects and interdisciplinary studies that encourage and promote student design and creativity of expression Extension and enrichment opportunities that encourage higher order thinking and real world connections Active learning / discovery and exploration ideals integrated into lesson design and delivery methods Social Development: A school culture and program design that is developmentally responsive to adolescent needs Cultural appreciation is a focus Collaborative processes are a priority Teamwork and working together are common goals Moral and Ethical World View: A strong character education program that places emphasis on others first / self last Exploration of social issues affecting our community and world Developing and encouraging environmental responsiveness and appreciation Fostering awareness of health and safety Technology Integration: Exploration of technological mediums of communication Integration of technology into interdisciplinary areas Promoting and utilizing Twenty-First Century Technology Skills in the classroom FRMS “ROCK - Blueprints for Success” The students and staff of Flat Rock Middle School shall uphold the following values of the ROCK - “Blueprints for Success”: R – Respect of self and others by upholding the following values at school: Integrity –being honest and having strong values. Teamwork - working together to achieve our goals. O – Observing safety at all times while at school by following procedures of the ROCK for all areas: Fun - Maintaining self-control and discipline to ensure that all activities are followed safely and correctly; behaving so that learning can be enjoyable for everyone. Kindness –Acting with kindness, tolerance, and respect, encouraging others; taking a stand against bullying and supporting everyone. Safety – Following the ROCK guidelines to avoid unsafe behavior that could harm self or others. C – Choosing responsibility for personal success at school by showing the following traits: Perseverance - The act of going on in spite of opposition , resolving to finish; never giving up. Preparedness –Coming to school prepared for success by having materials, supplies, and assignments needed for learning. K – Keeping focused on academic excellence and scholarly pursuits: Scholarship - The actions, self-discipline, and attitudes of students who are engaged in learning and focused on achieving academic excellence. These “ROCK Blueprints for Success” are essential qualities that students must value if they are to obtain success in reaching their goals. When students and staff follow these ideals, everyone is putting forth their best effort being prepared for learning, helping their teammates along the way, achieving significant academic achievement, operating with respect and honesty, while enjoying themselves in a bully-free, safe environment. With such a school climate, Flat Rock Middle School is making great strides towards its mission of ultimately preparing students for competitive high schools and colleges. When students have internalized these “ROCK - Blueprints for Success” and practiced them on a regular basis, they are equipped with both the academic and life skills to excel in any rigorous academic environment.

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