Organization Profile

Forsyth Humane Society

Our Mission​ is to promote and provide for the humane treatment of cats and dogs in Forsyth County.

​Our Goal: In support of our mission, the Forsyth Humane Society (FHS) is committed to achieving a save rate of 90 percent for shelter animals in our County. 


Forsyth Humane Society has set a goal of reducing the euthanasia rate in Forsyth County from 64 percent in 2017 to 10 percent by 2023.  

FHS will achieve this goal through:​​​

  1. Education – FHS will educate the public about the importance of spaying/neutering pets and will provide affordable spay/neuter options to decrease the number of shelter animals living in Forsyth County.

  2. Outreach – FHS will support people who want to keep their beloved animals in their homes, but need help with food, vet bills, pet supplies, or training and behavioral resources.

  3. Foster – FHS will provide foster care for adoptable animals when shelter space is limited or when animals require specialized care to become adoptable, such as very young puppies and kittens, or animals healing from medical issues.

  4. Adoption – FHS will find safe, loving homes for each animal in the adoption program. Regardless of the animal’s age, breed or length of stay in the shelter, they will remain in the FHS program until a “forever” home is located.

  5. Care – FHS respects the life of every animal. We will provide physical and emotional care to each animal that comes through our doors.


Winston Salem, NC, 27104