Organization Profile

Brenner Children's Hospital

As a childrens hospital, we strive to meet the unique needs of children and we are committed to family-centered care for infants, children and adolescents. You and your child are vital members of the health care team. We encourage your ongoing participation in your childs care. We respect your unspoken trust in us to be the best we can be and to that end we will continually strive. We are committed to providing excellence in medical and psychosocial care. We will create an environment that encourages normal development and play, is welcoming to families, facilitates communication, respects privacy, encourages nurturing and affection, and promotes healing. We recognize the uniqueness of every child and the right to express this individuality. We will continually seek ways to minimize childrens pain through our words, therapeutic touch, medications and new technologies. We will also teach and encourage you to be aware of signs of discomfort from your child and to communicate these behaviors to us. We believe in enabling and empowering children and families with information, using appropriate, minimally threatening language. As a team, we are available to support, to assist and to comfort. Our mission is a matter of attitude and commitment in putting the needs of children and families first. It is our pledge that we might always be in pursuit of excellence in caring. To cure sometimes, To relieve often, To care always.

Adult Education
Winston-Salem, NC, 27157